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The Speer Project

The Speer Project

"Seven years ago our father passed and at that time, our mother made us promise that we would never make her leave her home.  Of course at the time, we thought that was an easy promise to make.  Then, on June 13, 2023 our mother fell down a flight of stairs in her home and broke her neck and back in several places.  She was very fortunate to not be paralyzed, but in order to continue living on her own she was required to start using assistive devices such as a walker/wheelchair.  Our promise to stay home quickly became impossible to keep.  It wasn't until In Home Preferred came into her home and made multiple recommendations to modify her downstairs that we were able to assure she could continue living by herself. 

They relocated the laundry room from the basement to ground level in a room that had not been utilized previously and redesigned her bathroom to make it possible for her to take care of herself.  They also made minor recommendations throughout the main level to assure she was safe and everyday living items were accessible.  Our mother, who was told she could not live alone, has been successfully taking care of herself for the past six months thanks to In Home Preferred.  Our family highly recommends this company to assure your loved ones are safe and can continue being independent."


The Family of Mary E. Speer

Thompson Assessment

The Thompson Assessment

"Sam and Hailey are knowledgeable and easy to work with. They spent time in my home reviewing my routine, paying special attention to steps and size of doorways. Just days later, they presented me with a detailed assessment. They showed me what small changes might be helpful now and what might be helpful in the future. They also included diagrams for me to picture it. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering aging in place." 

Mrs. Thompson 

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