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Complimentary Phone Consultation

Wanting to learn more?

We'll chat with you to discuss how our knowledge and experience can help you stay home safely. We look forward to getting to know you and your potential home needs. 

In Home Assessment
 Fixed Rate 

Using our Occupational Therapy background and aging-in-place specialty, we have developed a home assessment to thoroughly consider the person and their home related to their current and future ability to age in place. This assessment takes place in your environment with main focus on safety within the areas mostly used (usually bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and entryways.)


Personalized Modification Plan
 Hourly Rate 

After review of the home assessment, we will propose modification recommendations to achieve whats most important to you. This includes exact measurements and plans, use of 3D floor planner software, and product lists.

  • Modifications to stair and step obstacles

  • Entryway adaptations 

  • Individualized kitchen & bathroom design based on needs

  • Accessible floor plans for improved mobility 

  • Visual enhancements through contrast and lighting 

Project Oversight
 Hourly Rate 

We will be the connecting piece between you and trusted contractors to complete your project. Our goal is to oversee your plan to ensure satisfaction from start to finish. 

NOTE: All services are provided as Aging in Place Specialists using Occupational Therapy background. No Occupational Therapy services are provided.

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